Our journey through the world of modern car glass repair and replacement was a slow one during our time in the insurance industry. In a field that is closely linked to cars, various types of vehicles and special technology. This has led us to think intensively about how to bring people the most cost-effective, comfortable and efficient solution to car glass damage. 

Repairing spot damage on windshields by means of beveling caught our attention. It saves money, time, and thus vehicle mobility and even the vehicle itself, as there is no need to intervene in the car body. The reduced consumption also has an impact on the environment, which is thus less burdened.

And so the search began for a technology with a homologation certificate and results that we would be satisfied with down to the last detail. The certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport was not a given. At that time, the technology for repairing point damage on windscreens by beveling was not available on the Czech market.

It only takes a little over two minutes to get to know us

An adventurous journey to modern car glass repair services

It was a challenging but adventurous journey full of interesting moments. Thanks to it, we have reached one of the important milestones that determined the future direction of our business. We got acquainted with the progressive German technology of scaling, which perfectly met our requirements for the quality of the material used, state-of-the-art equipment and progressive procedures leading to perfect repair results and including a certificate of homologation.

"Mobile repair at a location of your choice. Distance is no obstacle for us. We have repaired vehicles and special equipment in all regions of the Czech Republic. We will come to you anywhere. To your home, work, construction site, or even to your cottage."
David Sležek, Managing Director

How did we get started in the world of mobile repair?

In 2009, three heartthrobs with experience in automotive repair and insurance solutions started mobile windshield repair by scaling as self-employed. And they began to offer their business to people as a targeted alternative to traditional auto glass replacement. After two years of operation, in 2011, GlassPro Mobile Service s.r.o. was established.

However, in 2013, two of the three partners left the company to embark on a new adventure. The last of the founders, Ing. David Sležek, decided to continue on his path and expand the trend of mobile service in car glass repair and replacement.

"I grew up in an environment full of agricultural technology, machinery and respect for other people and the environment. All of this has become ingrained in the values of our society. I'm really excited that with modern technology, education, thoughtful practices, individual solutions and a personal touch, we are still able to fulfill these values through our services."
David Sležek, Managing Director

A driver who isn't afraid to get out and can keep the pace

Good thing he wasn't afraid to step on the gas. During his new independent journey, he started to rebuild everything, reaching out to insurance companies, new customers from the trucking industry and gradually recruiting reliable and skilled colleagues. He was constantly thinking about how to use auto glass repair to put as little burden on clients as possible, not only financially, but especially in terms of time and vehicle mobility. In this way, the company has not only brought a new modern technology to the automotive repair world, but also a new dimension of customer care and a forward-looking view of repairing cracks by scraping the customers themselves.

We will fix everything on the spot and at a time when it is most convenient for you

A fast and mobile repair service that takes place at the place and time of the customer's request and relieves them of all unpleasant worries? Yes, this is reality! With GlassPro you turn a stressful situation into a convenient and quick solution. Plus, thanks to our experience in the insurance industry, we take care of all the paperwork. We tailor everything to the customer's requirements.

We are always on the move to meet our customers' needs.

Throughout our operations, we have focused on improving our mobile crack scraping service as an alternative to auto glass replacements, which of course we are also dedicated to. Thus, we always offer a convenient mobile service while maintaining an individual and personal approach. We have also expanded our services to include vehicle insurance advice. This has entailed growing the team. In 2017, we already had 15 employees working in the company, providing customers with truly exceptional care during car glass repairs.

"Thanks to our enthusiasm and diligence, we are gradually spreading awareness of all the possibilities of car glass repair and the technology of glass beading with a society-wide impact. It's incredible to witness the significant transformation of auto glass repair, repair services and the overall mindset of the company in the auto glass repair and insurance industry."
David Sležek, Managing Director

From a square notebook to a perfectly functioning system

And today? Today, the company is built on 18 employees and other collaborating self-employed workers, and on a modern auto glass repair and replacement service for a wide range of customers. We take the worry and stress out of everyone dealing with auto glass damage within the first few minutes of communicating with each other. 

Whether it's customers who have had an accident on their way to work or on a family trip, large hauliers and companies with large fleets, or companies and businesses with special machinery or agricultural machinery.

We are constantly moving forward on our journey. In the beginning there was a square notebook, a mobile phone and above all a great deal of drive. Today we are a modern company with a professional team.

We are focusing on centralizing care, improving our internal CRM system, which we created ourselves, including a mobile app for conducting inspections with photo documentation. We are strengthening our position in the market, expanding the range of customers and types of vehicles repaired. We focus our attention on all the latest innovations and technologies. And to keep repairing all types of car glass honestly and to the best of our ability. At the same time, we are also preparing for new expeditions, during which we would like to go beyond the borders of the Czech Republic, so hopefully we will succeed.

In a journey that has spanned 12 years, we have repaired and replaced more than 70,000 car windows.
And we can help you too.

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