Sceling, windscreen repair

  • What do insurance companies say about car glass repairs?

    All insurance companies fully accept this method of repair. Some insurance companies even require the repair if the crack meets their internal guidelines for size and location in the glass area.

    Each insurance company is obliged to pay for the repair even to so-called non-contract car repairers, provided that the client has followed the proper procedure for reporting the claim and has allowed an initial inspection and photographic documentation of the damaged glass by a person authorised by the insurance company to do so.

  • What types of car windows can be repaired?
    Our method can be used to repair any double-layered automotive windshields. It doesn't matter if the glass is clear, tinted, heated, determals, acoustic or reflective. Roof or panoramic glass is also repairable and is becoming increasingly popular. In addition to car glass, it is also possible to repair truck glass and robust bus glass. Last but not least, we also seal the glass of agricultural machinery and other machines.
  • Which car glass cannot be repaired using this method?
    This method cannot be used to repair tempered glass, i.e. the glass on most vehicles such as side and rear windows, which will shatter into thousands of pieces if broken.
  • Is it possible to repair reflective glass after film oxidation?
    In the event that air and moisture penetrate into the crack in a reflective type of auto glass, a gradual oxidation process can begin on the reflective film because the film is plated. The result of oxidation can be seen in the picture below. In this case, the windscreen can no longer be repaired and replacement is required.
  • Will anything remain visible after the auto glass repair?

    For some cracks, yes. It depends on the type of crack and the time from damage to repair. The longer the delay in repair, the harder the crack is to repair due to water entering the crack or small particles getting into the crack. Almost every auto glass repair leaves behind subtle visual clues that can vary in outcome depending on the specific type of crack.

    After repair, the original crack is in most cases no longer visible in the interior of the car. The driver is therefore not at risk of a fine or loss of points and the vehicle will pass the MOT test without any problems.

  • How long does mobile crack repair take?

    In most cases, we carry out auto glass repair within 1 hour of the technician's arrival at the place of intervention.

    After the repair, the vehicle is immediately fit for operation.

  • Can all types of cracks on car glass be repaired?

    90% of cracks up to 3 cm in radius are technically repairable (regardless of age and shape).

    The crack beam must not end at the edge of the glass.

  • Wont I get in trouble at the DMV?
  • Are there other advantages to this method of car glass repair?

    Yes, auto glass repair using the scaling method ensures immediate vehicle mobility. After the repair, you can use the vehicle immediately.

    Through auto glass repairs, claims are reduced by up to 50% in the long term in fleet insurance. This is particularly interesting for customers with larger fleets.

    By repairing a small crack, the vehicle is not exposed to the risks associated with replacing the auto glass (possible damage to the bodywork, interior and the possibility of leaks).

  • Should auto glass repair technology be ATEST?
    Windscreen repair is an interference with the vehicle homologation and therefore all technologies for repair of double layer windscreens used in the Czech Republic should be approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic before use, which will be issued by ATEST 8SD on the basis of the decision. After the repair, each client receives a small certificate of the auto glass repair approved by this ATEST.
    The PS Service Systeme technology used by us has a proper ATEST 8SD 3129 registered with the Ministry of Transport, which can be downloaded  HERE.
  • Is it possible to repair a crack at any point in the windscreen?

    EU legislation excludes the repair of double glazing in the driver's field of vision - ECE Directive 43.

    The driver's field of vision in this case is not defined by the area occupied by the two wipers. It is the driver's side only, the field being defined by a rectangle 29 cm wide (14,5 cm to each side of the steering wheel axis) bounded above and below by the area occupied by the wiper.

  • How big a crack can be repaired?
    Technically, it is possible to repair a crack up to a diameter of 6 cm (3 cm in radius from the point of impact). The crack must be located at least 8 cm from the frame of the car glass and the entrance hole (crater) should not be larger than approx. 5 mm.
  • Where do you carry out mobile car glass repairs everywhere?

    Car glass repairs are carried out wherever the customer's needs and wishes are not met. At your home or business address, at your cottage, etc., in short, throughout the Czech Republic.

    Thanks to our services, each of our customers saves their own time and money associated with the trip

  • What do the black spots inside the crack represent? Is it some kind of dirt?

    The dark discoloration (more visible if you line the crack on the inside of the glass with white paper) is the result of air entering the crack cavity, where it causes some optical defect between the first layer of glass and the safety film (placed between the two panes), giving the impression that dirt has entered the crack.

    If black spots are still visible in the crack after the repair, most likely 100% air extraction has not occurred.

  • How much does it cost to repair one crack?
    The cost of auto glass repair depends on several factors, so it is best to contact one of our contacts for a specific crack repair price.

Mobile car glass replacement

  • Can mobile car glass replacements really be done outdoors? Isnt this at the expense of quality?
    Replacing a car glass (windshield, side glass, rear glass) "in the open air" will not affect the quality of the work. In addition, the polyurethane adhesives used in glazing require sufficient air humidity to cure. The more moisture, the faster the adhesives set. Our company GlassPro uses the proven brand Betaseal, these are the adhesives used for primary production in the Mercedes-Benz Group. These adhesives have a temperature range down to -20 degrees Celsius.
  • How long does it take to replace the auto glass?
    The actual replacement of the bonded windscreen (dismantling of the original glass, cleaning and installation of the new glass) is in most cases carried out within 1.5 hours of the arrival of the technicians at the place of intervention (for passenger vehicles). As we use hourly adhesives with a guaranteed stiffness for 2 airbags, it is possible to drive the vehicle away with confidence in 90 minutes after the new glass has been glued. For other car windows such as side windows, the service time is generally reduced and corresponds to about 1 hour.
  • Do I have to arrange for an insurance company to inspect the damaged auto glass beforehand?
    • No, you don't have to, we will arrange the photo documentation for the insurance company before the replacement.
    • We are even prepared to report the insurance claim to the insurance company for you (on the basis of a power of attorney).
    • In the case of a non-contract insurance company, an inspection by an insurance company technician is required.
  • Are you able to replace any car glass on the move?
    Yes, there is essentially no auto glass that we can't replace. We replace all auto glass such as front, side and rear glass. In terms of windscreen options, there is also no windscreen we can't replace, it really doesn't matter if the windscreen is clear, tinted, acoustic, reflective, determal, heated with rain sensor, night vision, adaptive cruise control, headup display etc. And it doesn't matter whether it's a car, truck, bus, combine harvester, tractor, excavator, tram or snowmobile.
  • What quality windscreens do you install?
    We use, as a matter of principle, glass from renowned manufacturers who supply glass for primary production, such as AGC, Pilkington, Saint-Gobain, Guardian.
  • How much does mobile auto glass replacement cost?
    • You won't pay anything for this premium service at your home - it's completely free and that's if you have windscreen insurance with a sufficient limit.
    • If the windscreen or any other glass on the car is insured, the insurance company will pay for the replacement up to the maximum agreed limit. If a deductible has been agreed for this additional insurance, the insurer will deduct this amount when settling the claim.
    • In the case of VAT payers, the insurance company will only pay the amount excluding VAT, so the VAT is paid to the repairer.
    • If the auto glass is not insured, please contact us to find out the exact price for a specific auto glass replacement.

What do insurance companies require?

If the replacement/repair of the windscreen on your vehicle is covered by any type of additional windscreen insurance (all windscreens on the vehicle), accident insurance or third party insurance, we must comply with the rules for settling claims. These include reporting (registering) the claim, proving the damage, which is taking photos and making a record of the damage.
  • Please prepare:

    In order to speed up the whole process of settling a windscreen insurance claim, we will require the following information from you:

    • the insurance company where your vehicle is insured for windscreen or other glass
    • the policy number or registration number of the vehicle
    • the name of the owner or operator of the vehicle
    • if we are reporting the claim on your behalf, the date, time and location of the 'accident', the name of the driver
    • in the event of a claim under compulsory liability insurance, we do not handle this event for the customer
  • What well do:

    If the repair or replacement of the car glass, or most often the windscreen, is covered by your insurance, then we will handle the entire claim for you and carry out all the essential activities:

    • reporting (registration) of the claim
    • inspection of the vehicle with photographic documentation and a record of the damage to the car glass
    • in the case of leasing or credit of your vehicle, we will arrange for the settlement of any deinstatement
    • arranging payment of the invoice issued by us to the GlassPro service account (based on your authorisation)

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