Při rozsáhlejším poškození čelního autoskla se volí jeho výměna.

Did your car glass just get damaged during a trip? Contact us. We will advise you immediately and start solving everything right away.

We replace car windows on all types of vehicles, at a place and time of your choosing. We replace glass all over the country - we will come to your home, work or even cottage.

What to do in case of extensive damage to the car glass?

1. Call or emailus anytime.  

2. During the call, we will propose a solution and arrange a time and place for replacement or repair. 

3. The actual replacement on the agreed date will take no more than 90 minutes.  

4. In the case of insurance, we will report the incident. And we'll work things out with your insurance company. 

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Efficient and fast replacement of car windows

GlassPro provides mobile auto glass repair through glass beveling or comprehensive auto glass replacement for more extensive damage. Just give us a call and together we'll work out an effective and quick solution that's perfect for you and your car. Need a windshield or auto glass replacement at a time that's perfect for you? And at a location of your choice? Yes, that's exactly what mobile auto glass replacement brings. Our experienced technician or team of technicians will come to your family home, cottage, or even your office to replace your auto glass.

See how we replace windscreens and auto glass

How are windscreens and windscreens replaced?

  1. Fast, efficient and comfortable. We will tailor the complete implementation to your needs and possibilities. Everything will take place when it is most convenient for you and at a location of your choice.
  2. Our chosen specialist will come to replace your car glass, complete with all the equipment. We use the most up-to-date equipment, instruments and technology during the replacement process. And also innovative procedures that usually result in a complete glass replacement within an hour and a half.
  3. The first step is a phone call, during which we share all the information regarding the damage. Ideally, the car glass is photographed and the photo sent straight away. With quick communication, we can distinguish the type of glass that belongs on your vehicle and choose the most suitable one for you. We can also use the VIN code to determine the correct type of windshield or auto glass for your vehicle. 
  4. Then all you have to do is arrange a specific repair date that works for you. There is no need to specially prepare the car before the replacement. Only in the case of winter it is advisable to bring the car to a suitable place, to clean it, for example, from the falling snow.
  5. The technician will bring new glass to your vehicle from the original manufacturer (Guardian, Pilkington, Saint Gobain and others). This is followed by the actual replacement.
  6. After the actual replacement, the vehicle with the new windscreen must be left standing for approximately two hours. Only after the adhesive polyurethane has cured safely can the vehicle be put back into service.
  7. After the repair, the technician will issue you with a certificate for the replacement of the auto glass.  

We always adapt the mobile exchange to the specific situation. We think everything through to the smallest detail. Our care certainly doesn't end with glass replacement. Whether you want help taking care of your extensive fleet or advice on anything related to windshield and auto glass damage and mobile glass repair, we're happy to help.

When do we choose mobile windshield or auto glass replacement?

In the case of more extensive damage. We replace the windscreen when the dimensions of the damage are too large, usually exceeding five centimetres in diameter. Or when a small object has damaged the windscreen in areas such as the edges or areas at the level of the driver's head. And last but not least, of course, is the replacement of side and rear car windows, which are most often completely blown out when damaged.

Thus, not only will we handle the repair or replacement of the auto glass for you, but in the case of insured auto glass, we will also handle all communication with the insurance company, including reporting the claim. You do not have to arrange anything and you are free from all worries. 

What kind of windshields and auto glass will we replace?

We replace windscreens and car windows on all types of cars. Contact us whether you need glass replacement on a car, truck, bus, or special equipment such as excavators and tractors.

We can replace state-of-the-art, specialty, tinted and reflective auto glass. And also auto glass with different types of heaters or sensors and cameras. For replacements, we only use quality glass from reputable manufacturers who produce auto glass for primary production. For example, Guardian, Pilkington, Saint Gobain or AGC. This enables us to provide you with the highest quality auto glass.

Arrange a car glass replacement

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