Do you have a car equipped with a windscreen camera and a modern ADAS smart traffic system and need to calibrate it? Whether you've just been in an accident and need to replace a damaged windscreen, or just need to calibrate an existing windscreen, get in touch. Email or call us. We'll be happy to advise you on everything and arrange a date for calibration, which we do in Brno.
  • Learn more about ADAS systems

    ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. It is an advanced and highly intelligent traffic system of individual functional assistants, functions and safety sensors leading not only to comfortable driving. ADAS systems are primarily concerned with making driving as safe as possible and at the same time alerting and quickly transmitting information to drivers about current events on the road to avoid danger, crisis situations and subsequent accidents.

    What advanced features and assistants are included in the ADAS system?

    • Traffic sign recognition and display
    • Automatic high beams
    • Driver fatigue detection systems
    • Blind spot monitoring systems
    • Automatic stopping of the vehicle before an obstacle
    • Adaptive cruise control function
    • Lane Keeping Control
    • Other assistants and features linked to the vehicle's cameras and electronic devices

When is it necessary to calibrate assistance systems?

Calibrating your car is not only necessary if you have a damaged windscreen with a camera and other systems that need to be replaced. But also if the camera itself or any driving assistant is not working properly, after adjusting the axle alignment, replacing the axle travel sensor or replacing parts on the car's axle.

Furthermore, when replacing the damping control unit, when changing the electronics or steering mechanics and, of course, when making any changes to the safety assistance systems themselves.

How to proceed if you need a windscreen calibration?

We will perform the calibration in Brno. Call or write us anytime. We will advise you on everything and we will arrange a date for either glass replacement and subsequent calibration or just calibration of the already replaced glass with ADAS systems.

Need a car calibration? Make an appointment today!

How is the calibration done?

  • On the agreed date, you will arrive at our Brno service centre with a special workplace equipped with a state-of-the-art Hella Gutmann calibration device. Here we will perform either a complete replacement of the damaged auto glass with calibration, or just calibration of the assistance systems on the replaced auto glass.
  • During the calibration we will check the camera and the cameras of the assistance systems. We will then perform a diagnostic of the electronic components. Once the fault has been found, we will correct the values of the respective cameras so that all sensors function correctly again.
  • In case of a comprehensive replacement and subsequent calibration in our car service in Brno, we will also take care of all the administration and settlement of the insurance claim with your insurance company.
  • Na případnou pouhou kalibraci na již vyměněném skle se bohužel zpravidla nevztahuje uplatnění pojistné události.

Do you have questions about ADAS calibration?
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