Did your windscreen, rear or side window get damaged while driving? Whether it was damaged by a pebble or other small object, we will find the best solution for you. 

There is nothing to worry about, no matter how damaged your glass is. We know what's best for you and your car at the time. And what all needs to be done. Leave everything to us. Our solution is fast, convenient and effective. After consulting together about the extent of the damage, we will choose the form of repair and agree on a date. You don't have to go anywhere with your car, whether you are at work, home or at the cottage, our technician will come to you.


Car glass repair

Vhodná metoda pro opravu drobných poškození do velikosti zhruba 4 až 5 cm.


Car glass replacement

Při rozsáhlejším poškození čelního autoskla se volí jeho výměna.

The actual repair will then take place at the time and place of your choice. In the case of auto glass repair by beveling, please allow 45 to 60 minutes. For auto glass replacement, approximately 90 minutes.
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Discover the magic of mobile car glass repair


Is this the first time you have had a damaged car window? Then call us right away!
Want to know what your options are first? This is very individual, we always deal with everything according to the specific event and your needs. However, in the event of minor damage, we will likely perform a very spectacular and modern auto glass reglazing. If you can already see that the damage is more extensive, then auto glass replacement will likely follow.

We provide our services for all types of cars. You can call us whether you are a driver of a car, truck, bus or even if you own special equipment such as excavators and tractors.

Before you call us

It's definitely worth a call. With us, you'll discover the incredible possibilities of modern mobile auto glass repair. See what we can do for you.

Before you call us, find out what a small stone or object hit caused. Carefully inspect the site of the damage. Ideally, take a picture with your cell phone if it's within your capabilities.

Estimate the size and try to describe the nature and shape of the damaged area. You may find our photo gallery of damaged glass helpful. If the damage is hard to describe, then you might as well take a photo so we can see what the damage actually looks like.

The most common types of glass damage. Does yours look similar?

Now is the time to call us. During the communication we will be interested in the size, nature and location of the damage. Based on this, we will propose a solution, arrange a convenient time and come to you. 

Why call us for mobile auto glass repair?

  • We'll handle everything for you, from the repair itself to communicating with your insurance company in the event of an insurance claim.
  • We will always find the best solution for you and your car. We will tailor the repair to all your needs and possibilities. Down to the smallest detail. 
  • We use state-of-the-art technology, procedures and an advanced scaling method that is very efficient and certified by the Department of Transportation and for the entire European Union.
  • As part of our mobile auto glass repair service, we will come to you anywhere. We will go to all corners of the country. And at any time of the year. 
  • Flexibility is our forte. We will repair your car at the place and time that suits you best. At the family home, at the cottage and at the office.
  • Within the agreed time that suits you best, we will carry out the actual repair, which will take place within 45 to 60 minutes. 
  • You don't need anything for the repair itself. We always have all the equipment with us. 
  • Nothing ends with the repair. You can always contact us. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on auto glass reglazing and repair solutions.

What you can do to minimize the damage,
before repairs are made in the form of reunification?

  • It is advisable to seal the crack. A piece of transparent adhesive tape is sufficient for this. This will prevent dust, pollen, dirt and moisture from entering the crack, which affect the optical quality of the resulting repair and the intensity of the optical trace.
  • You don't need to specially prepare the car before the procedure. If the repair is being carried out in winter and in sub-zero temperatures, it is advisable to clear the car of falling snow and start the car to warm up the windscreen.
  • We can carry out the repair at any location. You do not need to place the car anywhere special. And you don't have to prepare anything for the repair itself, we bring all the equipment with us. 

Put all your worries behind you. We will take care of everything and we will communicate everything. And we'll be happy to become your partner in repairing and replacing your car glass or your entire fleet. You never know what you and your auto glass will encounter while driving. Whatever it may be, GlassPro is here for you.

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