Do you have a damaged windscreen on your bus? Then contact us immediately. We will advise you and immediately propose a solution and a date for repair or replacement, which will take place directly at your place and at a time of your choice. We can help you, whether it's to repair one or more vehicles from your extensive fleet. 

For car glass repairs, we use modern technology of glass beading. If the damage to the auto glass is so extensive that it cannot be repaired, then we opt for fast auto glass replacement. For these, we select only branded auto glass from proven manufacturers.

Whether you need a glass repair or a full auto glass replacement, we will always provide you with a comprehensive mobile solution. We will come to you wherever you are and at the time of your choosing. And we'll do our best to get your buses back in service as quickly as possible

What to do if the glass on the bus is damaged

1. Call nebo email us anytime. During the communication we will propose a solution and a date for repair or replacement.

2. We will come to you on the agreed date and carry out the repair or replacement.

3. During the solution, we will take over all communication with your insurance company.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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Take a look at our repairs and replacements of car windows on buses

We cooperate with insurance companies

Adhering to an ethical code of conduct is a matter of course for us.

We provide our customers with a friendly approach and professional service in order to reduce claims
claims and save on future premiums.


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