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Tesla owners club

Services rendered:

Windscreen repair

Time played a major role during this realization. Our task was to repair vehicles for the Tesla owners club, which was to go on a weekend stay in a spa abroad, namely in Hungary. This involved damaged windscreens on three modern advanced Tesla cars. After a telephone conversation and subsequent personal inspection of the cars, we judged the most appropriate type of repair to be a scrape.

The repair process

The clock read exactly 9:00 am when we started work. We were scheduled to leave an hour later, at 10:00. So we didn't dawdle and immediately set about repairing the cars. The cracks were not close to the edges of the windscreen or in the driver's view, at the level of his head. So repairing by scraping was the obvious choice.

What did the steps of the repair look like?

1.     At the agreed time we arrived with all the equipment at the destination.
2.    Then we set about repairing the minor cracks on the three cars.
3.    Once the repairs were completed, we issued a certificate and the cars were ready to go out into the world.

The result of our implementation

The client was completely satisfied. We managed to repair the cracks perfectly and by 10:20am it was completely finished. The repaired cars were able to hit the road with minimal delay. Moreover, thanks to this cooperation we became the client's partner. Since then, we have repaired other cars. Six Tesla models in total.


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